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20A Solar Controller
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Package including:
1.1PCS 10A Solar Contorller
2.1PCS User Manual

Only For off-Grid PV Solar System.
For 10A 12V Pv System: 120W Solar Panel,12V Lead-acid Battery,21V for Max input Voltage
For 10A 24V Pv System: 240W Solar Panel,24V Lead-acid Battery,42V for Max input Voltage

Overcharging protection
Can be used for all panels
Overdischarging protection
Short and Open Circuit protection
Full specification available if required
Fail Safe and cannot be damaged by accidental wiring mistakes
Advanced design with simple plug and play technology. No need for complicated adjustments
Full LED status indication: State of Charge(SOC) Red-Flat Battery: Amber-Low charge: Green- good charge: Green Flashing- Full Charge


Microcontroller digital accuracy
PWM charge mode & State of Charge(SOC)
Fully automatic operation & Electronic protections
Detects day and night using the PV array, timer setting
Double digital LED display, numbers equal to timer setting
Temperature compensation, with inside temperature sensor
Big terminals, big distance between terminals


10I: 12 Volt or 12/24 Volt auto work, 10 Amps (for PV and load)
20I: 12 Volt or 12/24 Volt auto work, 20 Amps (for PV and load)
Equalisation voltage: 14.8Volt
High voltage disconnect(HVD): 14.4Volt
Float voltage: 13.6Volt
Low voltage disconnect(LVD) 11.1Volt
Low voltage reconnect(LVR): 12.6Volt
Self-consumption: 6mA maximum
Temperature compensation: -30mV/°C/12V
Terminals: for wire sizes to 6mm2
Temperature: -35°C to +55°C

LED indicator:
Solar Panel LED:
Green ON when solar is charging Battery.
Green blink when the syetem over voltage
Battery LED:
Green ON when battery level in the right range
Green Slowly flashing when battery level full
Yellow ON when battery level low
RED ON when loads cut off.
RED ON when the output is on
RED slowly flashing when it`s over load
(the load amps is 1.24 times of rated current for 60 seconds,or the load amps is 1.5 times of rated current for 5 seconds.)
RED blink when the load is short -circuit.

This controller has Light and Timer control Function
Light control:When daylight starts to occur then the light source goes off. Meanwhile the Solar Panels will charge the

batteries. when there is no sunlight the garden light will switch on.
Time control:There is an eight hours time control,that means it will go off when the Lights automatically switch off after

0-15 hours.


Lighting control Option
1.Press the power switch for 5 seconds and select the desired LIGHTING CONTROL option.The LED is on,which

confirmed you have selected the right one.
2.The controller requires 10 munites of countinuous transiton values before it starts to work.These constraints avoid

false transitions due to lighting or dark storm clouds.
3.10 minutes off before the controller start to work
4.A brief description follows belows:

Number 0: Dusk-to-Dawn,light is on all night
Number 1: Light is turn on after sundown for 1 hour.
Number 2: Light is turn on after sundown for 2 hour.
Number 3: Light is turn on after sundown for 3 hour.
Number 4: Light is turn on after sundown for 4 hour.
Number 5: Light is turn on after sundown for 5 hour.
Number 6: Light is turn on after sundown for 6 hour.
Number 7: Light is turn on after sundown for 7 hour.
Number 8: Light is turn on after sundown for 8 hour.
Number 9: Light is turn on after sundown for 9 hour.
Number 0: Light is turn on after sundown for 10 hour.
Number 1.: Light is turn on after sundown for 11 hour.
Number 2.: Light is turn on after sundown for 12 hour.
Number 3.: Light is turn on after sundown for 13 hour.
Number 4.: Light is turn on after sundown for 14 hour.
Number 5.: Light is turn on after sundown for 15 hour.
Number 6.: Lights remain turn off ,ON/OFF mode
Number 7.: Test Mode,lights on after it dects no light,lights off after it defects light.

Production Specifications :  



Working Voltage

12V/24V 12V/24V

Rated Charge Current

10A 20A 30A

Rated Load Current

10A 20A 30A

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Warranty Conditions
Warranty Period: 15-year limited warranty period.
Warranty Evidence: The B/L,Tracking no, and a completed warranty card.
We grant an implied warranty of 1 year to the inverter from date of purchase for repair or replace the Defective Product free of charge includes freight cost. 

Furthermore, we provides an additional limited warranty for 14 years for repair or replace the Defective Product free of charge but non-free of freight charge. If your device has a defect or malfunction during the warranty period, please also contact our customer service staff or your retailer or installer. 
Warranty claims are excluded for: 
• Alterations or repairs to the unit without prior authorization 
• Improper use or operation of device
• Improper and non-standard installation 
• operating the equipment with defective safety devices 
• Impact of foreign objects and force majeure (lightning, surge, storm, fire) 
• Inadequate or nonexistent ventilation of the device
• disregarding of safety regulations 
• shipping damage 
• The Product has been improperly stored or was damaged while in possession of the Dealer or end user;