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Good discharging performance and good resistance to over-discharge:

stable discharging voltage; gentle discharging platform. At 25 degree centigrade, fully charged battery is subject to 3 weeks discharging via resister(equivalent resister of the 1CA discharge resistance), but recover 75% of its capacity.

Good resistance to charge:

At 25 degree centigrade, fully charged battery continues to be charged for 48 hours; No leakage, no cell expansion and rupture, normal open circuit voltage, capacity above 95%.

Good resistance to high current:

Fully charged battery is subject to high current (2CA for 5 minutes or 10CA for 5 seconds); no fusing of conductive parts; no deformation of appearance.

Long life time, high density paste, sealed construction and leak proof, maintenance free, no pollution; good performance of resistance to vibration and impact force.

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Warranty Conditions
Warranty Period: 15-year limited warranty period.
Warranty Evidence: The B/L,Tracking no, and a completed warranty card.
We grant an implied warranty of 1 year to the inverter from date of purchase for repair or replace the Defective Product free of charge includes freight cost. 

Furthermore, we provides an additional limited warranty for 14 years for repair or replace the Defective Product free of charge but non-free of freight charge. If your device has a defect or malfunction during the warranty period, please also contact our customer service staff or your retailer or installer. 
Warranty claims are excluded for: 
• Alterations or repairs to the unit without prior authorization 
• Improper use or operation of device
• Improper and non-standard installation 
• operating the equipment with defective safety devices 
• Impact of foreign objects and force majeure (lightning, surge, storm, fire) 
• Inadequate or nonexistent ventilation of the device
• disregarding of safety regulations 
• shipping damage 
• The Product has been improperly stored or was damaged while in possession of the Dealer or end user;