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SY-WMVC-250W 24V

● 20-40Vdc input, compatible with Mono or Poly solar panel which Voc is 34-38V and Vmp is 26-30V ● 110V/120V output, suitable for utility power grid which voltage is 90-140Vac. ● Please be kind to note that this item is grid-connected type inverter.
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1.  IP 67 waterproof design for profile and AC output & MC4 waterproof type solar connectors, suitable for dust place, desert enviorment, rainy area.

2.  Built-in communication module, supporting for monitoring at any time.

3.  Double AC output connectors, more convenience for wire connecting.

4.  Creative MPPT tech makes efficiency higher than 99%, reaction more sensitive and mppt locking fore faster.

5.  Creative circuit design and imported industrial components make application efficiency more higher than performance more stable.

6.  Parallel modular componments design, more convinient for systems setting, flexible combination and system scalability.





Item SY-WMVC-200W solar inverter SY-WMVC-250W solar inverter SY-WMVC-250W solar inverter
Compatiable with solar panel 60 cells/230-250W 60 cells/240-260W 60 cells/250-280W
Voc: 34-39V, Vmp:26-30V
DC Voltage 20-40Vdc
MPPT Voltage 24-33V
MPPT Algorithm CVT+PO
Efficiency 90%
AC Voltage 220VAC(170-250Vac)
Waveform Pure Sine Wave
Max. Output Power Factor 99%(at MPPT Voltage)
Frequency 45Hz-53Hz/55Hz-63Hz(Automatic Detection and Adjustments)
Over Temperature >65°C
Low Voltage Shut Down <23V
Over Voltage Shut Down >48V
Reverse Voltage Protection Reverse Connection Circuit
Short Circuit Fuse
Islanding Protection Detect islanding within 0.02S, shut down output within 0.5S
Working Temperature -25 to 60°C
Working Humidity 0-90%(Waterproof Design)
Communication RF: Wireless Communication
Waterproof IP65
Total Harmonic Distortion THDIAC(V)
Phase Shift Rate <1%
Standby Power <2W
Boot to Full Power Consuming Push-pull
Cooling Ways Natural Convection
Certificate CE


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We provide 15 years warranty( 1 year full warranty and 14 years free repairment or replacement excluding freight fee and tax cost etc). 


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